Launch: Day 5 Leaderboard (Shake it like a polaroid picture!)

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We have a shake up on the EVS JV Leaderboard….

Jason and Wilson snatch 2nd place; Peter Garety moves up to 6th spot; Michael Cheney and David Nicholson climb back onto he leaderboard pushing out Mike Filsaime. Gideon Shalwick holds on by a thread (you sure you should be chillaxing at the beach buddy???)

More on that below, but first watch this video where I share the latest on the EasyVideoSuite launch…


Split Pay Option Spike in Sales

We’ve seen a 28% spike in sales in the last 12 hours alone since the split pay option was introduced.

Here’s how sales have been made after the introduction of the split pay option:

Commerical License:
- 28% take the FULL pay option
- 53% take the split pay option

Personal License:
- 5% take the FULL pay option
- 14% take the split pay option


 EasyVideoSuite JV Launch Leaderboard

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