Launch: FINAL JV Leaderboard

Holy schmoly Batman – we have arrived at the end !

The end of the EasyVideoSuite MEGA Launch 2013, which can be rightfully be crowned a MASSIVE 7-figure launch success.


A Few Stats & Figures

We have an incredible low refund rate at below 2%.

As a team we are incredibly proud of this low refund rate as it demonstrates a number of things. Josh says it best here:

Refund rates are directly related to the product you create and the service you provide, not to the refund policy of the company who power your checkout. If you believe refunds are high “just because I use Clickbank” then you are using that belief to mask the real reason, rather than fix it.
~ Josh Bartlett, creator of EasyVideoSuite

Okay, so a less than 2% refund rate is incredible in itself, but when you consider the average sale was $421.59 – well that just makes it OUTSTANDING!!
(see screenshot from CB below)

We converted VERY solidly on the main sales page, and 70%+ conversion on the upgrade to Commercial License.

Many affiliates earning $5+ per hop.
(some even getting double figure earnings per hops!)

Customers are loving EVS as we’ve received literally hundreds of comments from happy customers.

Simply put, after 2 years of blood sweat and tears the result is EVERYONE loves EVS. ;)

EasyVideoSuite FINAL JV Leaderboard Results (*)

The following results relate to the MAIN contest with a $41k prize pool.
(click here to view the prizes)

Drum roll please!

Da daa da da da daaaaaa..!!


1st Place) Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos

2nd Place) Omar Martin & John Thornhill

3rd Place) James Dyson

4th Place) Mario Brown & Brian Anderson

5th Place) Matt “Beardman” Wolfe

6th Place) Gideon Shalwick

7th Place) Michael Cheney & Dave Nicholson

8th Place) Peter Garety

9th Place) Chris Munch & Paul Clifford

10th Place) Todd Gross


(*) Please refer also the “Terms of The EVS JV Leaderboard Contest” below this post.

A MASSIVE congratulations and THANK YOU to the those who made the final 10 – you guys really brought the HEAT and deserve your final EVS Leaderboard rankings.

And to those who landed in positions 11-15, a BIG congratulations to you!!

We will be contacting you directly next week to confirm access details for your free copy of EasyVideoSuite!


Send 8 Sales & Win An iPad Mini (WINNERS) (*)

  • Omar Martin & John Thornhill
  • Gideon Shalwick
  • Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos
  • Mario Brown & Brian Anderson
  • Michael Cheney & Dave Nicholson


(*) Please refer also the “Terms of The EVS JV Leaderboard Contest” below this post.


A Couple Of Observations

Overall, the people who didn’t mail on launch day got beat out BIG time by the people who did.

The BIG lesson to remember here is…

If you send leads, make SURE you lock them in for launch day, otherwise people with bonuses will get last cookie.

Additionally, those who had bonuses and spent considerable amount of effort to prepare and compile their bonuses (almost like a product to sell in their own right) DOMINATED those who put in less effort, or no bonus at all.

For your next promotion where you hope to do well and can expect to be up against significant affiliate competition take the time out to really craft your bonuses to be the best it can be (bonus copy, the offer on whats included, scarcity, etc, etc).


EasyVideoSuite Is Evergreen And Remains OPEN

EVS will remain open and be an evergreen product.

As an EVS affiliate please make sure you keep it in your own arsenal of products to promote going forward.

EVS can bank you BIG commissions every day!

Continue to earn an amazing income from a quality product.


Coming up we’ll be releasing EVS in the Apple App Store and the Android marketplace as a mobile app.

That will open all manner of possibilities for online AND offliner marketers recording video and getting it published on the fly.

Consider video publishing “on-the-fly” at seminars, real estate agents (house inspections), hotels (testimonials), etc, etc.

EasyVideoSuite is already GREAT, and is only going to get BETTER !!



From myself the Affiliate Manager and on behalf of Josh Bartlett and all the EVS team (Support, Programmers, Designers) wish to sincerely THANK YOU for your support towards this launch.

JV Affiliates, Partners, EVS Ambassadors, Wives, Husbands, Children, EVS Customers – whatever role big or small THANK YOU..!!

EVS has been a massive success – with challenges thrown in for good measure – but could not have been done without YOU.

We really appreciate your support and do not take it for granted.

And we LOOK FORWARD to supporting you however and whenever we can in 2013.



Kieran McDonogh & The EasyVideoSuite Team




Terms Of The EVS JV Leaderboard Contest

  • All our standard previous $41k Contest rules still apply.
    (Click here to view the $41k Contest Rules)
  • The Contest period STARTED 15 January @ 12:00am eastern, and CLOSED 22 January @ 11:59pm eastern.
  • Payments for prizes/cash value on any prize for sales period will occur AFTER the standard Clickbank 60-day refund period.
    (This is the total refund period including split pay option payments received.)
  • At our discretion we may contact affiliates who are eligible for a prize after the standard Clickbank 60 day refund period from FIRST sale (in the case of split payments) and offer an early payout that is slightly discounted to safeguard the risk of future refunds.
    (Again this is completely up to Josh Bartlett/Webactix.)
  • Sales HAVE to adhere to our expected performance criteria and refund rate expectancy. If any affiliates sale notably fall outside this level then we reserve the right to disqualify them from the eligibility for a prize.
  • We reserve the right to decide to pay “cash value” rather than actual prizes if they are not available or shipping would be prohibitive or for any other reason. Cash transfer fee’s will be paid by the recipient in this case (e.g. in any case of cash value transfers via Paypal or other means).
  • Spot prizes such as iPad Mini’s etc will also be awarded after the 60-day refund period.
    (As long as the 8 sales or more on the day do not drop below the required level due to refunds – this is again, at our discretion.)
  • We withhold the right to disqualify any affiliate at any time during the investigative period of 60 days, should we feel the contest rules were not abided by, or for any other reason and notice will be given if this is decided.
  • Affiliates HAVE to have reached the required level of sales for each prize.
    (If they have not, they drop to the prize below it until they will no longer be eligible for the prize.)
  • Cash value CANNOT be claimed for winners of the EasyVideoSuite software.
  • Cash value will be paid in USD (or equivalent currency, to be decided by Josh Bartlett/Webactix) and the exchange rate used will be the one on the day of transfer and is not open to negotiation.
  • Only ONE top ten prize per team per placement.
  • Positions in the leaderboard and prize eligibility are based on sales AFTER refunds and taking into account split pay points at 1/3rd a sale per split pay sale. Future split pay transactions for month 2 or 3, or any other sales do NOT count towards this competition or total, and the stats are final and locked down as of today.
  • If substantial refunds are seen from a particular affiliate during the 60-day refund period – if this changes where they would of positioned in the table, it is entirely up to the discretion of Josh Bartlett/Webactix whether they will announce a replacement, and alter the positions to reflect the actual current total after refunds, when refunds during the refund period have been taken into account.


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