Affiliate tools: Use this as your bonus! (Ready Made)

Hey guys and girls,

As you know, people with bonuses are ROCKING it with the EVS launch..

Omar Martin is currently number one on the leaderboard with close to 200 sales!


I got together with Omar to put together an awesome, ready made (!) bonus pack that you guys can literally SWIPE and use as your bonus for EVS.

This will help you KILL it with sales of EVS!

All you need to do is click on the below link, watch Omar’s video, download everything below the video and queue up an email promoting EVS and your new bonus!


You get:

1) A fully coded bonus page! This looks AMAZING. Just swap your name out!

2) EIGHT different bonus packages for you to simply take and give away to your prospects!

3) Leaderboard domination video, to help you get on the leaderboard, or rise to the top!


Go grab it, put your name on it and tell your prospects about your exciting new bonus package for EVS! (And let the commissions roll in)

Here is the link to your new bonuses for the EVS launch!

Get mailing now!


Get Your Ready Made Affiliate Bonus Package Now!

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