Leaderboard Day 4! (Someones down and out, someone jumped in)

WOW, some people are making some CRAZY money on this promotion..

Check out the earnings per hop again!!

Omar & John – $5.29 per hop

James Dyson – $10.40 per hop

Jason Fladlien – $2.76 per hop

Mario & Brian- $7.06 per hop

Matt Wolfe – $4.72 per hop

Put it this way, thats an average earning per hop of $6 !! among the top 5. And this is STANDARD with this promotion…

If you send us 500 hops, that means you could expect to make around $3,000 minimum! (based on the average)

If you mail now, whilst this is hot you will make $$$$! So queue up a mail now!


So, today we lose a few people from the leaderboard (will they come back by mailing again?) And see Mr Video himself jump back into the fray.

Here is your day four leaderboard..



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