Prelaunch Day 6 Leads Leaderboard (The SKINNY)

Prelaunch DAY 6: JV Leads Leaderboard

1st Place – Mike Filsaime – Did you tell Chris you were planning at take-over? Nice work man – you even take the prize for “Most Sales in 24-Hours Day 6, which wins you:

    • a brand new GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Camera to film on the go like a pro ;) and;
    • a copy of EasyVideoSuite (Commercial License).

2nd Place – Chris “Mentor Me” Farrell – Wow, this is a close race – just 2 leads in it behind Filsaime!

3rd Place – James “Optimize Press” Dyson – Holding strong on the Dyson front – lets see if you can hold firm for final 7th day of prelaunch.

4th Place – Chad “Empire” Mureta – Lets see some action final day Sir Mureta, you could take this race you know!

5th Place – Mario Brown and Brian Anderson – inching up! inching up! Will the EVS Leads Crown be yours??

6th Place – Mark Call  – Dropping 1 place while he enjoys Mai Tai’s at Sea – c’mon brother get another email out the door..

7th Place - Michael Cheney & Dave Nicholson – You’re on the slippery slope down hill guys – time to queue up another email!

8th Place – James Wedmore – Steady as she goes Mr Wedmore is super consistent in the Top 10.

9th Place – Lon Naylor - Screencast-Man himself rides out prelaunch in the Top 10. Can you hold it through to the end??

10th Place – Gideon Shalwick – Welcome back Gideon – we missed you and are happy to see you again. People – you watching this fella?


11st Place – Paul Clifford

12th Place – Robert Grant

13th Place - David Foster

14th Place – Omar Martin and John Thornhill

15th Place – Todd Gross

16th Place – Matt “Beardman” Wolfe

17th Place – Peter Garety

18th Place – Dan Lew

19th Place – David Hamon

20th Place – Bradley Will


Just Outside The Top 20:

Chris “Fast Riser” Munch, Joshua Zamora, Dax Aurand, Jeff Mills, Ben Adkins, Pam “EVP2 Fan-Girl” Brossman, Ben Cummings, Yo “Suite” Le, Andre, Milutin Vujosevic, Barry Goss, Jules Watkins.



The following are Clickbank IDs of affiliates who are the Top 30 affiliates, however I have no names to match. Please contact me via Skype @ “kmackaz” or email me directly on to tell me which ID is yours and to match up the name.



Prelaunch (leads): Day 6 Prizes – Who Won What?

Mike Filsaime is the winner for Day 6 (13 Jan-13) Leads Leaderboard prize where he sent the Most Leads For Day 6 and won:

  • a brand new GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Camera to film on the go like a pro ;) and;
  • a copy of EasyVideoSuite (Commercial License).


Day 7 Prize Announcement (Final Day of Prelaunch)

Win the iPhone 5 ($649 value) just for mailing!

How? Send us the “Most Leads in the Next 24-Hours” and win:

  • a brand new iPhone 5 (Minimum of 350 leads to qualify) and;
  • a copy of EasyVideoSuite (Commercial License).



FINAL Day Left Of Prelaunch

So we’re down to the wire and have 1 more day of prelaunch before we open the cart.

This is your last chance to get your leads into Josh’s conversion machine to have the product creator himself convert your leads.

Early tests show the upsell to the commercial license @ $97 is converting at 73%… whoop! whoop


Launches: Tuesday 15 January @ 12pm eastern

Go let your list know about the EasyVideoSuite prelaunch video demo’ing the software. You got your swipes to do that right here:






Suite you for your support!

Kieran McDonogh and the EasyVideoSuite Team

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