Launch: Day 2 Leaderboard – Smackdowns in progress!

WOW! What a few days it has been!! Many affiliates crushing it, sales pouring in and everyone is loving EVS.. (Are you getting in on the action!?)

A quick recap:

– SMASHED hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, and still climbing.

– Hit the top of the day and seven day running Clickbank leaderboard for gravity

–  70%+ upsell conversion rate!! (More commissions for you)

– Have been SWAMPED with enthusiastic testimonials from customers who love the product!

– Many affiliates get $4+ Earnings Per Hop!

Get in on the action and mail now after the launch day rush to secure some easy commissions!


Now, on to the leaderboard!

This leaderboard really is a tale of two halves..


The top guys who have put some kind of bonus together are absolutely dominating, with well over 100 sales each. (Some closer to 200!)

Those who have not are still doing VERY well, but if you want to dramatically boost your results quickly… Offering some kind of bonus is the way to go.

Webinars/training/older products, what can you throw in as a bonus?

Special Commission Getting Resources: (Later Today)

Because we got your backs, we are in the process of creating and uploading some content for you that will make it easier for you to set up a bonus, including a bonus page template for you to swipe and use!

This should help skyrocket your sales quickly and ensure you lay the smackdown on those above you in the leaderboard.

Thanks for all of your support guys, we really appreciate it and here is your top 10:



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