Prelaunch FINAL Leads Leaderboard (FINAL)

Okay folks, this is the FINAL Leads Leaderboard as we are literally HOURS away from launch at 12pm eastern, Tuesday 15 January.

Launch MADNESS has arrived and we are working feverishly behind scenes to get this latest JV Leads Leaderboard update made.

This is it!

The calm before the storm…


Its almost apon us.. One of the biggest launches in years – we are literally just hours away from launching EasyVideoSuite!

Now lets go check out the FINAL Leads Leaderboard for EasyVideoSuite (8-14 January 2013)…


Prelaunch DAY 6: JV Leads Leaderboard

1st Place – Mike Filsaime – You did it buddy – Top Leads Leaderboard dawg!!

2nd Place – Chris “Mentor Me” Farrell – Not quite enough to get # 1 back, think you must be lazing away under a palm tree or something.

3rd Place – James “Optimize Press” Dyson – Even while jet-setting around the world you come in Top 3. Can anyone say #BALLER

4th Place – Chad “Empire” Mureta – Even with running his million dollar empire from his iPhone Chad proves how easy this stuff is. 4th spot man gets an “O” for awesome!!

5th Place – Mario Brown and Brian Anderson – Amazing stuff guys – loving the WSO world love – you rocked it!!

6th Place – Gideon Shalwick - If this was insider trading you would have made a mint in the tip I gave you y’day. Gideon has in fact moved up 4 spots firmly to 6th place AND won Most Leads for Day 7. And for that you win:

  • Your very own iPhone 5 Mobile Phone

7th Place – Mark Call – From the Caribbean this fella easily commands a Top 10 spot.

8th Place – Paul Clifford and Chris Munch – You my friends make an amazing couple in this contest. Can’t wait to see more!!

9th Place – James Wedmore - Nice work James – you held strong for 9th Place.

10th Place – Michael Cheney & Dave Nicholson – Slipped a few to settle in 10th spot – great work guys!


11st Place – Todd Gross

12th Place – Lon Naylor

13th Place – Omar Martin and John Thornhill

14th Place – Robert Grant

15th Place – David Foster

16th Place – Matt “Beardman” Wolfe

17th Place – Dan Lew

18th Place – Peter Garety

19th Place – David Hamon

20th Place – Bradley Will


Just Outside The Top 20:

Joshua Zamora, Jules Watkins, Dax Aurand, Jeff Mills, Ben Adkins, Pam “EVP2 Fan-Girl” Brossman, Ben Cummings, Casey Zeman, Yo “Suite” Le, Andre, Milutin Vujosevic, Barry Goss, John Leonard, Mark Wallace, Mark Thompson, Larry Loik, Susana Theresia, Jules Watkins.



The following are Clickbank IDs of affiliates who are the Top 30 affiliates, however I have no names to match. Please contact me via Skype @ “kmackaz” or email me directly on to tell me which ID is yours and to match up the name.



Prelaunch (leads): FINAL Day Prizes
- Who Won What?

Gideon Shalwick is the winner for Day 7 (14 Jan-13) Leads Leaderboard prize where he sent the Most Leads For Day 6 and won:

  • a brand new iPhone 5 mobile phone ;)

FINAL Day Left Of Prelaunch


Launch Email swipes are ready for launch.. get your email swipes for launch right here:



Kieran McDonogh and The EasyVideoSuite Team


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