Launch: First Day 1 Leaderboard Shake, Rattle & Roll

So, Today we see the launch of EVS go off with a bang!

Topping the 1 Day and 7 Day CB Gravity Charts, respectively … already.

Some affiliates have done over 100 sales.

Lots of you are seeing great earnings per hop…. and,

the upsell is converting at 70%

Whats more, we have our support army looking after the buyers to keep
them happy.

This is how we keep our legendary 2% Clickbank refund rate!

And finally..

Here is your leaderboard.. It is CLOSE and many of you just have to mail again to completely change the landscape.

THANK YOU all for your support on day one..

Lets hit hard after the initial influx, drop your cookies and grab some big commissions
on day two!

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